• Late Afternoon Links

    The Daily Texan Life and Arts section is happy to complement your afternoon procrastination with a smattering of news from across the cultural spectrum.

    Happy Valentine's Day from the Life&Arts staff! We've put together an extra romantic edition of afternoon links.

    Whether you are stable in your singleness or happily in love, this Disney short is perfect for February 14.

    Valentine's from kids because they say things like "Mom and Dad you are lucky you are alive."

    Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the 84-year-old sex therapist, offers advice on how to spice up your holiday.

    If you are looking for a romantic meal to eat in the company of your cable, Judith Jones, once Julia Childs editor, has a plethora of recipes in her book "The Pleasures of Cooking for One."

    Vulture put together some Oscar movie Valentines for your movie buff darling.

    Here are 9 TV characters who hate Valentine's Day as much as you might.

    Nothing is quite as romantic as an infographic of all the deaths in Quentin Tarantino movies.

    If Justin Timberlake is your idea of the perfect Valentine (everyone should think this) then check out the video for his new single "Suit & Tie."

    Be careful when you are out to eat tonight. Restaurants will be busy and waiters will be irritated by gooey couples. And, who knows, they might fine you like this restaurant in Japan.

    Lastly, online dating isn't so popular internationally. Maybe we should move to Paris where people still meet at, like, a party. Crazy!


  • More than just Valentine's Day

    So today is Valentine’s Day. I should probably write about the commercialized holiday and conforming to the social norms of our culture. Or I could offer you some romantic places to eat (http://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/restaurant_locator.html) or some ideas for DIY cards (http://www.awkwardvalentines.com/). Or maybe I should inform you that condom sales are highest on Valentine’s Day and additionally, at-home pregnancy tests peak exactly a month afterward. Just think about that for a moment.

    For all of you who are equally uninterested in Valentine’s Day, instead of the typical “OMG, my boyfriend got me flowers and a teddy bear and chocolates and I’m going to eat them all while watching The Notebook tonight because Noah and Allie are just like us because we are SO IN LOVE, which has no relation to the media’s manipulation of our feelings at all,” allow me to provide you with some more profound events that occurred on February 14.

    1. Arizona became a state in 1912. What would we have done without Arizona? Drink less Arizona green tea, maybe? Surely that deserves a holiday in and of itself.
    2. Penicillin was discovered. Frankly, you probably wouldn’t even be here if that hadn’t happened. I know what you’re thinking. That means you wouldn’t have to witness Valentine’s Day. You win some, you lose some.
    3. Rob Thomas was born in 1972. Where would our society be without Matchbox Twenty? Well ... it is at least more important than construction paper hearts.

    I hope this list allows you to put Valentine’s Day in perspective. Because of me, maybe instead of going out and buying flowers, you’ll buy an Arizona green tea. You’re welcome.

  • The Daily Texan's Valentine's Mix Tape

    Sometimes music can say things in ways that normal humans just can’t. If you need help wooing that special someone (or if you have good taste in music), take a listen to our Valentine’s Day playlist.


    1.    "Just like Heaven"-The Cure
    2.    "My Love"-Justin Timberlake
    3.    "You Make My Dreams"-Hall & Oates
    4.    "I Summon You"-Spoon
    5.    "Fade into You"-Mazzy Star
    6.    "Unchained Melody"-The Righteous Brothers
    7.    "Kiss"-Prince
    8.    "Maps"-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    9.    "Adorn"-Miguel
    10.    "Tell the World"-Vivian Girls
    11.    "Try a Little Tenderness"-Otis Redding
    12.    "I Melt with You"-Modern English
    13.    "Think of You"-Bleached 
    14.    "Let’s Get it On"-Marvin Gaye
    15.    "Thirteen"-Big Star
    16.    "When I’m With You"-Best Coast
    17.    "True Love will Find You in the End"-Daniel Johnston 

    For your listening pleasure, we have also created a Spotify playlist for you to enjoy.