Impending Midterms


It is officially midterm season.

Professors have been mentioning the "M" word since the first week of class, but it went by the ears of students as softly spoken as a whisper in the wind. The threat of midterms was far away, far enough into the future that they could not do any harm. But guess what? They’ve caught up.

Bennu Coffee has been bursting at the seams even at the oddest hours of the night. The PCL has returned to its usual state as the most woebegone location on campus. There’s no hiding from it now: The midterms have arrived, and they are already taking heavy casualties.

One hint that the intimidating tests are here is the barrage of Facebook statuses and tweets that speak of a strange phenomenon called “hell week,” which can be best described as a week in which a student is catapulted directly into the fiery pits of studying hell.

Perhaps the most disheartening thing about midterm season is that it doesn’t really end until finals start. The seal is broken as soon as the first major test is taken.

Are the professors conspiring against our health and well-being in the secret underground UT tunnels? Midterms always seem to be strategically placed so that there is always one to study for, and as soon as one is over, preparation for the next one begins.

It’s a horrible, never-ending cycle. All we can do now is hold onto our trusty No. 2 pencils that we swear are lucky and pray that we have one week of peace between now and finals week.