Afternoon Links


The Daily Texan Life and Arts section is happy to complement your afternoon procrastination with a smattering of news from across the cultural spectrum.

Office of Student Financial Services, aka the people who give you money, will also give you free pizza today if you give them feedback on their website! Seems like a good deal, right?

A handwritten manuscript by the so-called worst poet in the English language is expected to get about $4600 at an auction.

So if you want to live forever? Apparently you will have to live with terrible breath. A chemical in onions, garlic and rotten eggs (EW) is the chemical that, in the right doses, can stave off your eventual death.

The Bonnaroo lineup was revealed today. Who’s making the trek to Tennessee for a four-day camping trip, good music, and a bunch of people who haven’t showered?

You know that moment when you need to type a 2,000 word essay but your cat just wants to snuggle? Looks like cats have been up to the same shenanigans for centuries.

Here’s an awesome video graphic about how China has overtaken the U.S. as the biggest importer and exporter of goods.  

Here are 5 hip-hop videos that feature the actual Harlem Shake (a real dance move!) and not a bunch of college kids acting stupid. We can see that any weekend. reports that Les Mis is making the real-deal Broadway comeback in 2014, hopefully not starring Russell Crowe, but Eddie Redmayne would be fine by us. 

Today in 1473, Nicholas Copernicus was born. He did some cool science stuff, like figuring out we (Earth) are not the center of the universe.

David Carr reflects on “House of Cards” and what happens when we go on a T.V. binge.

I almost want to apologize for this. Kate Middleton goes out in public and is visibly pregnant. Of course, it goes viral.