Lunchtime Links


The Daily Texan Life and Arts section is happy to complement your afternoon procrastination with a smattering of news from across the cultural spectrum.

Here’s a guide to coffee and work. If you can grab a cup at 2 p.m. followed by a 15 minute nap, you will reap the most benefits! 

Pixar tells some of the best stories (if Toy Story III didn’t turn you into a puddle, you have no soul). They’ve put together 22 tips to be a better storyteller.

 Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward put out a new She & Him song. Perfect soundtrack for Instagramming and frolicking around with full bangs à la Zooey.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie now have a wine produced at their French chateau. We can all be completely disgusted with them now.

Even though the show has ended, we will never stop revisiting it. Here are 5 of “30 Rock”’s best musical moments.

Our Facebook News Feeds will get ANOTHER redesign Zuckerberg said.

This blog combines “Les Misérables” and “Arrested Development” and it is beautiful.

If you eat a lot of processed meats you may be in trouble. A new study revealed people who consume a lot of bacon, sausage, burgers and other processed meat are probably going to die sooner and may get a lot more diseases. Bummer.

 Because this week has been so hard for so many of us, here are 30 of the happiest facts of all time.