Jon Cozart sings darker, more satirical tune with new video


Jon Cozart, a UT sophomore studying radio-television-film,  is signing a bit of a different tune with his newest YouTube video, which is quickly making splashes online.

The video, called “After Ever After”, is a song that explores the misfortunes that fall upon Disney princesses after their happily ever after endings. The video, which premiered online Tuesday, has already be featured on several different media outlets, including Huffington Post Comedy. The video has racked up more than 200,000 hits in less than two full days and, as of Thursday afternoon, the single was also number 2 on iTunes’ comedy chart. At number 1 is “YOLO” by the Lonely Island.

Cozart is famous in the digital world for his musical YouTube videos. He hit it big online with his “Harry Potter in 99 Seconds” video, which has more than 12 million views. Cozart transferred to UT-Austin from UT-San Antonio last Fall. In an interview with The Daily Texan in September, Cozart said he would like to keep making videos but he had to find a way to balance his school work. His YouTube channel has been silent since late July, but Cozart has been teasing and talking about a new video on his Twitter account for months.

In “After Ever After,” Cozart takes the happy, disney fairy tales and spins them with a dark twist. Cozart goes into gruesome detail about the lives of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”, Jasmine from “Aladdin”, Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and Pocahontas from “Pocahontas.” The video is also ripe with satire, with Cozart referencing modern events, politics and history.

Ariel’s kingdom is suffering from BP’s Oil Spill and mankind’s mistreatment of the ocean’s ecosystem (“China men feast on Flounder's fins, plus the Japanese killed all my whale friends”). Aladdin has been wrongly imprisoned by the CIA for intense interrogation (“Bush was crazy, Obama’s lazy, al-Qaeda’s not in this country”).  Belle faces possibly lynching (“But the charges laid on me of beastility could wind up getting me thrown in a cell”). And Pocahontas is decapitating Europeans as her people die from disease and invasion (“Have you ever held the entrails on an English guy?”).

Every scenario is presented in a sarcastically cheery acapella performance, similar to Cozart’s other videos. But the dark humor and political satire makes this video stand out from his others. While “After Ever After” has Cozart’s style and technique, this video is showing a new side to the YouTube star.