Lunchtime Links


The Daily Texan Life and Arts section is happy to complement your lunch break with a smattering of news from across the cultural spectrum.

Everyone loves the age-old comic "Calvin and Hobbes." Here are 16 things they say really well.

Chicken wings may be in a horrible crisis, which would probably ruin those coupons they give us after Texas wins football games. Oh wait, maybe that doesn't happen anymore.

We are all watching "Girls" and we are all a little sick of Hannah Horvath's hair-cutting, O.C.D. tendencies. But you know what we're not sick of? This Buzzfeed re-enaction using PEEPS.

This puppy is on a farmyard adventure. Dawwwwwwww.

We are going to have choose between phone battery life and taking awesome pictures. The 21st century is rough, y'all.

There are secrets hiding in Jennifer Lawrence's new blonde updo, but don't worry, Vulture has found all of them for you.

It's Wednesday, but at least you aren't struggling as much as this little puppy.

Justin Bieber is trying to be a bad boy like ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Straight up? He spit on someone. Ew.

People went on vacation in the '80s and '90s and took really dumb-looking photographs that are now viewable online. Isn't the Internet great?

Pepsi wants to make us all uncomfortable with its weird sexual language.