Beyonce is the new Pepsi girl, and she's not in bad company


Yesterday, love of our lives, pop icon and queen of the world Beyonce Knowles Carter released a very short clip featuring a comeback of the robotic hand, and a couple of hairflips. More importantly, it prepared us to anxiously click a reload button today at 8 a.m. 

Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are known for their love (read: obsession) with the number 4. She is known to have said to The Telegraph, "We all have special numbers in our lives, and four is that number for me." Beyonce's fourth studio album is titled 4. Her birthday is September 4. Jay-Z's is December 4, and the two were married on April 4. Happy anniversary, you two! 

So on the fourth day of the fourth month, when Beyonce's video went live, the world was abuzz with rumors. Would it be a music video? A full new song? A public service announcment? 

It was a Pepsi commercial. 

I was initially furious. Where was "Bow Down Bitches"? Where was the new song for me to listen to on repeat for months? Why was I being handed what seemed like a strangely similar video to the also disappointing Justin Timberlake music video for "Mirrors?" But then I remembered something.

I have been complaining for years that Pepsi commercials don't feature pop stars anymore. As a loyal Britney Spears fan, I've always loved Pepsi pop commercials. And, honestly, so has America.

Remember Cindy Crawford in that tight tank? 

And Michael Jackson?

Remember this iconic Britney Pepsi commercial? 

And this girl-power one with Britney Spears, P!NK and Beyonce singing "We Will Rock You?"

Remember Shakira dancing with a grocery store clerk?

Sure, this new Beyonce Pepsi commercial may not be a music video, or a full new song, but it is something. It's the return of the pop star Pepsi girl, for better or for worse. 

We could make a feminist critique on how scantily clad these women are in their Pepsi debuts. Or we can follow Beyonce's instructions at the end of the video, "Embrace your past, but live for now," and consider this her induction into a sort of pop-star hall of fame.