Playlist of the Week: Week 2


In this weekly feature, we make a playlist of some of the best and most important new songs from the week before. Each track is supplemented with a short commentary, giving a sense of why you should check them out.

Best Coast – “I Don’t Know How”

Coming off their upcoming mini-album Fade Away, this track from Best Coast displays both their sweet and sour side. The serene first half of the song gives the sense that the band has mellowed out a bit, but it quickly ups the pace to 90s alt rock levels.  

Joanna Gruesome – “Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still in Love with Me?”

This track picks up right where Best Coast left off — in the 90s. It’s the kind of song that would come up on the radio right in between The Pixies and Matthew Sweet.

Holy Ghost! – “Okay” 

Back to modernity with one of the poppiest songs from Holy Ghost!’s newest LP. Their dance music chops are still evident in this track with its pulsating beat, but the melodic hooks and indie boy vocals combine to make a better MGMT song than MGMT was able to muster on their latest album.

Beck – “Gimme” 

This is Beck’s third in a series of singles he has released this year. It’s another great song to listen to in preparation for his upcoming full-length record, his first since 2008. 

FKA twigs – “Water Me” 

For weird rhythmic music with electronic-influenced vocals, look no further than the trip-hop of FKA twigs. With the release of her second EP, listeners are treated to more James Blake-influenced sexy music. Turn down the lights and turn up the tunes.

Elvis Costello and The Roots – “REFUSE To Be Saved”

On the other side of the musical spectrum, there’s the blues rock combination of Elvis Costello and The Roots. “REFUSE To Be Saved” is funky, political and has an amazing organ hook. Read The Daily Texan’s review of the album here.

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band – “BAD DANCER”

To finish off the playlist this week is Yoko Ono’s newest venture into the musical realm. There’s something commendable about an 80-year-old woman putting out avant-garde dance tunes. Plus, she doesn’t sound a day over 65.