A few Twitter rules you might have missed


If you have not yet signed up for Twitter (which, come on, get with it) or you are new to the social media platform, there are a few unspoken laws that you should know before delving into the confusing, entertaining and sometimes disturbing Twitterverse.

1. Set a profile picture. You don’t want to put your friends in the awkward position of having to explain to you that they are too embarrassed to let your default Egg profile picture tarnish their “Following” list. Change it.

2. Follow at least 200 people. This is a must, because, if you aren’t, your Twitter feed will be inundated by the 3 million updates that Huffington post tweets out every hour. If you refuse to follow 200 people because your Twitter is “too exclusive”, than see Tip #6 about creating lists.

3. Although you may feel obligated to return the favor to every new follower, don’t. Only follow them back if you know them or care to see their content. If you have never heard of them before or their Twitter handle reads like a bad porn star pseudonym, they are probably follower fishing. 

4. Although favoriting a Twitter message is a nice way to show appreciation towards a fellow Twitter user, retweeting is what the people want. Just remember, favoriting is to retweeting what side-hugs are to getting hot and heavy in the back of your 1993 Hyundai. 

5. Connecting your Instagram to your Twitter account allows you to tweet your pictures directly from your Instagram app, which is convenient. This said, you are required to open a separate webpage to view the photo, and unless you are a) the president, b) the Pope, or c) Ryan Gosling, I will not expend the effort. #sorrynotsorry

6. Twitter lists are great. Although they were intended to allow users to categorize who they follow by similar Twitter messages or interests, they are actually used to categorize who you follow into people you knew from high school, news outlets, that guy you met one time at a networking event, pity follows, and the 10 people you actually care about. 

7. If you learn only one thing from me, let it be that Twitter is ultimately nothing more than a huge room full of opinionated people speaking in 140 character bursts without caring if there is anyone paying attention on the other side, so you might as well make your Twitter whatever you want it to be. This could be political rants, live tweeting sports, or your favorite L0Lz Catz. You do you.