• These celebrities could have been stars on the field

    It seems like everyone’s heard the same old narrative. It comes around every time Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is promoting a new movie. Yes, we get it — The Rock used to be a college football star.

    Johnson was a defensive lineman for the University of Miami during its glory days in the early ’90s. But really, talking about The Rock’s athletic career is just beating a dead horse at this point. 

    There are some celebrities out there whose former athletic feats may surprise you. Many stars, who may not seem to have any athletic ability at all, actually used to be athletic superstars in high school and some even in college. Here’s some celebrities that may surprise you.


    George Clooney

    Before he was a movie star, Clooney had different aspirations for fame. He hoped to be a professional baseball player, and at only 16 he was invited to try out for the Cincinnati Reds.

    He didn’t make the team, but the fact that he got the invite shows that Clooney had some real talent. It’s interesting to imagine what would have happened had the Reds let Clooney on the team. What would the world have done without “Oceans 11”?


    Emma Watson

    While attending Brown University, Watson played not quidditch but field hockey. But she excelled far more in classes at Hogwarts than she did on the field, as she dropped out of Brown in 2011. If only she could have conjured up a magic spell to help herself out. 


    Tom Selleck

    Selleck and his infamous mustache earned a basketball scholarship at the University of Southern California his senior year after walking on to the team as a junior. While he wasn’t exactly the star player of the team, he did prove to be useful.

    During practice, Selleck, along with his practice squad, would learn the offense of their next opponent to scrimmage against USC’s starters. At many times, he would act the role of Kareem Abdul-Jabaar running the UCLA offense, probably the closest he got to being an NBA star. 


    Burt Reynolds

    Reynolds is the one celebrity who may have had the most raw talent. As a high school sophomore, Reynolds, a fullback, was named to the All-Southern First Team and received several scholarship offers, eventually deciding to attend Florida State University.

    At FSU, Reynolds shared a room with Lee Corso, longtime college football coach and now famous broadcaster for ESPN. He had aspirations for All-American status and a future in the pros, but an injury in his first game and a subsequent car accident soon after ended his career in the sport.

    Nevertheless, Reynolds obviously enjoyed an extremely successful acting career, and his football skills paid off for him in his 1974 film “The Longest Yard,” where he played embattled quarterback Paul Crewe in what is still arguably one of the most convincing athletic performances by an actor in movie history.

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