Missing: Miley's eyebrows (updated)


This photo, published on Miley Cyrus's Instagram account, displays the pop star's missing brown eyebrows. 
This photo, published on Miley Cyrus's Instagram account, displays the pop star's missing brown eyebrows. 


UPDATE (11/25/2013):

Cyrus' brown eyebrows returned on or around November 23. A photograph posted on her Instagram shows the eyebrows back on her forehead where they belong. Fans and followers of her account released a collective sigh of relief.

"Thank you for your eyebrow back," said @rileyiatkinson, in a statement that sums up the sentiment for the entire Miley nation.

Original post:

Last seen in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday on Cyrus' forehead.

The pair of brown eyebrows were last seen Tuesday night in an Instagram picture Cyrus posted with one of her dogs. The brown eyebrows presumably went missing sometime between the time Cyrus posted the aforementioned picture with her dog and Wednesday evening, when another picture on the pop star's Instagram showed the eyebrows had been bleached.

No mention of the bleached hair has been made by Cyrus. As of 2 p.m. on Thursday, three Instagram pictures on her personal account showed a severe lack of distinction between what is hair and what is skin.

Fans and followers of Cyrus' Instragram account appear to be far more concerned than the pop star herself. Cries of concern litter the comments on Cyrus' three most recent posts. 

"Dear God, please help this your daughter who has lost her way. Help her find her way to you. Amen," @808kuualoha said.

Other users are in such dismay, they are unable to write complete sentences.

"Where are you eyebrows," @laurenssprague said.

Other followers are concerned and offer consolation and advice to Cyrus in this trying time.

"I bet everyone who claims you as their idol is so embarrased to call you their idol now … you need to get off whatever drugs you are on and take a good look in the mirror and realize that you have hit rock bottom, and you need HELP," @x_o_xoxo said. "Please Miley I don't say this out of hate, I say it out of love  Please seek professional help. I don't know you peronsally but I see that you are screaming for attention and you are trying to be someone you aren't. You need professional attention."

Cyrus' brown eyebrows are not believed to be in danger at this time. Anyone with news regarding the location of the brown hair should contact Cyrus immediately. No reward has been posted as of yet.