Four things I’m building with all the free stuff I got at SXSW


Even if you don’t have a badge or wristband, you can still benefit from SXSW. Need some new T-shirts? Maybe some branded sunglasses or a new flash drive? Just wander around aimlessly downtown for long enough and all these things will magically appear in your #Wordpress tote bag. 

This is a list of the four things I am building with all the free stuff they handed to me at SXSW.

1. A sail

I got probably 75 free T-shirts at this year’s festival. None of these are necessarily my size and almost all of them have a hashtag or techy slogan on them. Instead of wearing these to class next week, I plan on tying them all together and fashioning a sail out of them. Maybe that way I’ll have an escape plan just in case this rain never stops. 

2.  A new hard drive

I’ve been looking to upgrade to a terabyte of memory, and I’m pretty sure I can combine all of the 2 GB USB drives I received walking around the SXSW Tradeshow to make my own terabyte hard drive. I may have had to give thirty different startup companies my email address, but that is what spam folders are for.

3. Tinted car windows    

I plan on removing the lenses from all of the sunglasses I was handed while walking around the Convention Center and melting them together to create new windows for my car. Having your windows tinted is expensive. Nikon and Wordpress sponsored sunglasses are free.

4. A parachute

Once I remove all the other free stuff from the tote bags, I will sew them all together to make a DIY parachute. I’m not sure how safe and effective this parachute will be, but it should be good enough for a short fall.