A guide to planning your #CivilRightsSummit party


This is probably going to be the most important historical event you will ever be able to watch on television within a 30 mile radius of the actual event. Prepare accordingly.

1. Preparation

Decorate with red, white and blue streamers, glittery stars of independence, the whole shebang. Never mind that you are booked with midterms or projects, the campus will be too full of people attending the event you will be following from your couch, so you might as well turn inconvenience into a party. Don’t forget about food. Hot dogs, burgers, popcorn — nothing elevates freedom like heartburn.  This week is all about equality which means everyone gets a piece of the homemade American pie.  

Bonus tip: Turn the watching party into a masquerade by printing out a bunch of presidential and governmental faces and strapping them over yours. The whole night will be a mysterious, yet slightly awkward affair. Are Dick Cheney and Nancy Pelosi making out in the bathroom? 

2. Gather your watchers

An event like this is too big to stay bundled up under your blankets in PJs like its a Netflix marathon. Dress nice and invite all of your friends over. 

3. Activities

Eventually watching a bunch of old people talk about things will get boring, so have activities to keep the night rolling. There should be a loud group whooping session every time a president does a Hook ‘em. Drink a beer every time someone mentions the word equality. Don’t worry about keeping up with all the confusing jargon. You can always go back and watch the most important moments on YouTube.