Lunchtime Links


Editor’s Note: With this daily series, the Life & Arts section hopes to complement your afternoon procrastination with a bundle of links from across the Web.


For music fans whose playlists have started to feel a little stale, Vulture rounded up eight must-have tracks to check out, from Beach House’s “PPP” to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Didn’t Just Come Here to Dance."


With the nostalgia machine, users can input a year of their choice and reminisce with songs that were popular at the time, allowing users to “get their childhood jam on."


Ever wonder what Harry Potter would be like if he used his powers for evil? On Monday, YouTube user BloodBlitz Comedy published a re-edited version of the Harry Potter movies to create a trailer that shows a world where Harry is the bad guy.


If you’re bored in class, pass the time playing this simple game. Just click the colors on the right-hand side until you flood the entire square with one color.


Photographer Amanda Jones spent 20 years photographing dogs as they aged over time. The bittersweet photo collection shows how 16 lively pups grew into grayer, wiser-looking canines.


The Huffington Post takes a look at a rare preserved heart from the largest animal ever thought to live on earth, the blue whale. In a short video, a technician from Ontario shows off the heart, which is roughly “the size of a small golf cart.”