Lunchtime Links


Editor’s Note: With this daily series, the Life & Arts section hopes to complement your afternoon procrastination with a bundle of links from across the Web.

“Put ‘em Up” music video

UT campus, burnt orange and hook ‘em signs star in economics junior Jonathan Dror’s new music video.  Released this morning, check out the University-wide representative's song “Put ‘em Up.”


15 new Texas laws you need to know

Over 600 Texas laws go into effect Tuesday, Sept. 1. From body cameras for police officers to underage alcohol tasting, The Dallas Morning News analyzes 15 laws that Texans might actually notice.

Buzzfeed for UT

A group of UT students created the website BurntX (, which publishes humorous lists and articles about all things UT.

“Urban Cowboy” tv series casting call

In the 1980 film “Urban Cowboy,” John Travolta and Debra Winger star as Bud, a farm boy from a small Texas town, and Sissy, a big city girl from Houston. Today, Fox Television is planning to film the pilot of an “Urban Cowboy” tv series reboot in Austin. If you want to audition to be an extra on the film you can sign up here. The only catch is you must be local to the area with a Texas ID in order to be considered.