Lunchtime Links



Editor’s Note: With this daily series, the Life & Arts section hopes to complement your afternoon procrastination with a bundle of links from across the Web.

New Humans of Australia


In an effort to give a voice to the refugees and migrants that now call Australia home, one woman created a Facebook page resembling “Humans of New York” named “New Humans of Australia.”


Artificially intelligent Barbie


This New York Times piece features a new and improved toy — an artificially intelligent Barbie. Set to release in November, the Hello Barbie will be able to have a conversation with children and is said to be “the most advanced to date in a new generation of A.I. toys.”


American Sniper and the Longhorns


Someone made a video of the Longhorns vs. the California Golden Bears game on Saturday, featuring the American Sniper.



Local actors on TV this fall


Check out Austin Monthly’s list of actors with local ties that will be on screen this season.