• Where have all the Rangers shirts gone?

    Remember when the Rangers made the World Series? It wasn't that long ago. Suddenly everyone in Austin cared about baseball. No matter where you went in October, the Rangers were being discussed. 

    People were wearing Rangers gear. After each round of the playoffs, the different shirts popped up. Those weird and random shirts with the antlers and the hand were all over the place.

    Now...not so much.

    Where did all the Rangers fans go? We are one month into the 2011 season and the Rangers continue to win, yet all the shirts and caps are gone.

    Come on! Don't do this again. Don't wait until the playoffs again when you actually start caring.

    It is ridiculous to see more Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs gear being worn around campus than that of the Rangers or Astros.

    I guess there is a reason that the Astros logo is harder to find than Osama Bin Laden, but that is because the team is terrible. Only a brave few, including myself, are able to walk out in the sunlight wearing an Astros shirts. That's a little more understandable.

    But the dust needs to come off the Rangers clothes. Or else once again, people are going to continue to have legitimate reasons to not be too keen about Dallas fans.

  • Baseball recruiting: Horns add Moynihan

    According to texassports.com, the University of Texas has signed Matt Moynihan, an outfielder at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, Calif.

    Moynihan will have two years of eligibility at Texas, and continues a string of juco players signed by the Longhorns in recent years — such as Paul Montalbano and Lucas Kephart.

    Here’s a look at the lefty’s batting numbers this year at Orange Coast:

    Average: .452
    Runs scored: 34
    RBI: 30
    Doubles: 8
    Triples: 3
    HR: 1
    Stolen bases: 10

    Moynihan ended his high school career with 88 stolen bases, which was second all-time in San Diego County, so his speed will be a welcome addition to a Texas team that doesn’t try to steal too many bases. The outfield is crowded this year, and it will be next year as well. Mark Payton (freshman) has solidified himself as the right fielder, Cohl Walla will be next year’s starting center fielder (if he stays in school, as he’s a draft-eligible sophomore), and Jonathan Walsh (sophomore) also sees a lot of time in left.

    That’s potentially three returning starters. Also returning next year will be Tim Maitland, the resident pinch-runner/defensive outfielder, and Dex Kjerstad, a highly recruited outfielder out of high school who hasn’t seen much action this year. The Longhorns have also signed Austin Westlake’s Collin Shaw, who projects to be an outfielder in college.