Expert breaks down Texas’ chances


After its 7-5 loss to Kent State tonight, Texas must now win three consecutive games to come out alive in the Austin Regional. The Longhorns will play Texas State Saturday at 1 p.m. and if they win, will face Kent State a few hours later, at 6:30 p.m. If they come out on top in both of those games, they’d play Kent State on Monday for the regional championship.

Had a chance to speak with Perfect Game USA analyst Kendall Rogers after the game. Some highlights:

Texas’ chances at coming out of the Austin Regional:

“It’s an uphill battle. Texas State probably doesn’t have the pitching to get by in the morning game against Texas. For the Longhorns it’ll be interesting to see whether they can build off what they did in the final inning tonight (three runs in the ninth)."

On the possibility that the Golden Flashes finish off the Longhorns tomorrow:

"David Starn, their number three pitcher is probably as good as a one or two guy. The big key for the Longhorns is to get off to a hot start offensively because they can’t let Starn get into a groove."

On the Golden Flashes:

"They’re a pretty solid club. It doesn’t surprise me that they’re doing well. People expected them to do well in this regional."

On the Austin Regional:

"On the surface, it’s probably the second or third weakest regional. Texas State was a weak two, obviously not a good four-seed here (Princeton), but Kent State is proving that there’s at least one worthy team in this thing."