Road to Omaha: Introduction


On Feb. 18, we saw Texas open its season with an 8-0 win over Maryland at Disch-Falk.
And now, four months later, we get to go see the Longhorns try and win their seventh national championship.

That’s right, we’re going to Omaha.

The van is loaded, bags are packed, the maps are out, and the playlist is set — Jon requested heavy amounts of Ke$ha. Let the 13-hour drive begin.

Texas’ 2011 season began with high expectations — Omaha-or-bust. We’re embarking on our trip with lofty goals as well — to watch some great baseball in the college baseball capital of the world.

The group of three — baseball beat writer Jon Parrett, photographer Andrew Edmonson and myself — will be spending either seven or 15 days in Omaha, depending on how Texas plays.

Big thanks go out to our awesome Daily Texan adviser Doug and the business department, Lori and Amy, for giving us the green light on this trip.

We’ll be writing and shooting multiple times a day, so expect some awesome content both in the print and online editions of The Daily Texan. We also plan on using this blog as a running diary, documenting the progress of the trip.

It’s like you’ll be right there with us.

But not really, because we’ll be in Omaha.

And that’s so damn cool.