Football Recruits


National Signing day came and went, and the Texas Longhorns loaded up.

For a team on the rise like the Longhorns, new talent can be the difference between a .500 year, and a Big 12 championship year. With that said, here are some of the 2012 recruits that should make the transition from rebuilding stage to contender a little easier:

Johnathan Gray

One of the most productive running backs to ever play high school football, Gray possesses a natural ability that not most of the recruits in his class cannot match. Gray boasts a sturdy and compact body built low to the ground that allows him to act as a power back in any hole that opens up. He possesses great top end speed, running a 4.53 40-yard dash, which made him a touchdown machine in high school. He has great vision and sees holes well which should make him an impact back for the longhorns very early. Gray is ranked as the No.2 recruit by ESPN, and should see immediate playing time when he arrives in Austin next season.

Malcom Brown

Not to be confused with the longhorns returning running back, Malcom Brown is the No.2 ranked defensive tackle in the class of 2012. Brown isn’t a huge player (in size) at the tackle position, but his ability to get low and under offensive lineup should help him adjust at the next level. He shows solid penetrating ability and a very above average ability to rush against the run. If Brown adds some size to his firm and tall frame, he will see a ton of playing time for the longhorns. His strength and penetration skills should allow him to get solid playing time early on for the longhorns.

Kennedy Estelle

A player with superior size and athleticism, Estelle is an offensive tackle that I think will translate well at the college level. At 6’7 and310 pounds, Estelle could add a little bulk to his frame, but he possess strength and size that works to his advantage against smaller defenders. He is a very physical and tough tackle that could see immediate playing time on an offensive line that could use some help with their run blocking. Although Estelle must polish his blocking ability, he possesses the ability and size to help keep the quarterbacks safe, and give them time to improve and make better decisions in the pocket.

Conner Brewer

Brewer is ranked as the No.7 QB in the 2012 class and has the tools to possibly be the offensive general that the Longhorns desperately need. He has a frame that can add bulk and be prototypical for an elite quarterback. Brewer’s polished ability in the pocket seems a bit better than any quarterback that the longhorns currently have on their roster. He throws the ball very accurately and has the speed to create a play and keep a play alive when pressure gets to the pocket. If Brewer proves that he can make good decisions in the pocket, look for him to be an immediate starter for a team with average quarterback play at best.

Peter Jinkens

Peter Jinkens is a tough outside linebacker who runs very well sideline to sideline in pursuit of the ball. He is very fast for a linebacker, and has the athleticism to make him a defender with huge upside. He is a very long 6’1, and uses this size to square up defenders and make solid tackles. Jinkens saw some time at running back in high school as well, but will likely be a fearsome linebacker at the college level. If more size is added to his frame, Jinkens could be a Patrick Willis type player on the Texas defense.

Torshiro Davis

The Longhorns pulled off a huge signing day snag by stealing Davis from his longstanding verbal commitment to LSU. Davis is a defensive end/outside linebacker type whose game is built on speed. At 6’3, 220 pounds Davis needs to pack on to his lean frame at the next level, but his 4.56 40-yard dash speed makes him an above average pass rusher. He has a knack for getting into the backfield, and can chase down many backs from behind. Don’t expect Davis to get a lot of playing time early on as the Longhorns have a nice set of linebackers, but definitely expect him to be a disruptive force whenever he comes into his own as a college defender.