• Three football players arrested, unlikely to face suspensions [UPDATED]

    Updated at 8:25 p.m. on May 10: Head coach Mack Brown has addressed the incident, saying the following at a Caring for Kids banquet in Lakeway:


    "We wish they weren’t out that late and we wish that if somebody had asked them to leave, they’d leave. We’ve had a long, hard conversation with the three men..the most important thing is that they learn a lesson. If there is a citation involved, we try really hard to hear their side of the story and be fair. We’ll have some really stiff action to help them learn from being out to late and not leaving when asked…we’ll have some disciplinary action but we’ll keep that in-house."


    Though it's not exactly an official statement — the UT athletic department has not responded to a request made by the Daily Texan for one — it looks like a good bet that Vaccaro, Okafor and Matthews will not miss any games this season. 


    Updated at 10:00 p.m. on May 7: The general feeling of those in the football program is that Monday's arrest will not result in any serious suspensions. "They did nothing worth being arrested for," said somebody involved in the day-to-day operations of the team.


    Also, Vaccaro reached out to to fans Monday evening, tweeting: "Everything is all good. Nothing happened. Total misunderstanding...Won't be standing in line for pizza ever again!"


    AUSTIN — As KXAN first reported, APD arrested and charged early Monday morning three members of the Texas football team — Kenny Vaccaro, Alex Okafor and Barrett Matthews — with failure to obey a lawful order, a misdemeanor. Also arrested was Eryon Barnett, a former player who announced his intent to transfer earlier this year.


    The four had just placed an order at Roppolo’s Pizza (316 E. 6th Street) a little after 1 a.m. (they were arrested at 1:30 a.m.) when they were approached by a police officer, who instructed them to move along, according to a source with intimate knowledge of the situation.


    “They were at the window, waiting for their pizza and being a little loud when an officer all of the sudden came by and told them to 'go on.' Apparently, the police had been notified of a confrontation between the players and a group of guys a little on up the street,” said the source. “Anyways, one of the guys got smart with the officer and, before you know it, they were all in the back of the cop car.”


    According to an APD spokesperson, Vaccaro, Okafor and Matthews spent two hours in jail before receiving their reapparance dates, and were then released. The charge is a Class C misdemeanor punisheable by a fine of $500 or less. 

  • Freshman pitcher Ricky Jacquez dismissed from team

    Freshman pitcher Ricky Jacquez was dismissed from the team on Monday after a second violation of an undisclosed team policy, the school announced.

    Jacquez was scheduled to start Sunday May 6 at Missouri but was a late scratch after he became sick on the mound during his warmup pitches. He was also inactive during the entire April 20-22 series against Kansas.

    According to a source with intimate knowledge of the situation, Jacquez found himself in hot water in the fall of 2011 after the coaching staff learned of possible marijuana use, but after a meeting with the athletics administration, attended by A.D. DeLoss Dodds, Jacquez was given another chance. The school decided a second incident in one year was enough to warrant the dismissal.

    Jacquez was 2-1 on the season with a 5.79 ERA and was a candidate to replace Parker French in the rotation after his season ending elbow injury.
    The losses of Jacquez and French leave the Texas staff extremely thin and it will take some creative decisions by the coaching staff to help keep the pitching staff afloat. 

  • Parker French out for remainder of the year

    Texas starting pitcher Parker French will miss the remainder of the season after he suffered a stress fracture in his right elbow last Friday against Missouri. He will be able to resume throwing in two months.


    The freshman has proven to be a key member of the pitching rotation for the Longhorns, recently earning the starting spot on Friday. French is 6-2 with a 2.84 ERA on the year and has used an effective sinker to keep opposing batters on their toes all season long.


    French’s absence creates a hole in the starting staff that will be a tough one to fill, as Texas was already short a consistent starter for the No. 3 spot. Freshmen John Curtiss and Rickey Jacquez are the most likely candidates to replace French in the rotation.


    Another possibility is moving closer Corey Knebel into the rotation, something he has expressed interest in doing in the past. But Augie Garrido and his coaching staff are hesitant to do so, as it would make the back end of the bullpen vulnerable.


    No matter whom the Longhorns choose to move into the rotation, the injury to French is a big blow to their Big 12 hopes and their NCAA tournament aspirations.

  • Stat Guy: The difference Between Dallas and Oklahoma City

    Coming into this rematch of last season's Western Conference Finals, many expected a very different result. The Thunder have been one of the top handful of teams since this short season started, and Dallas struggled to shake the hangover from the seven month long celebration it had after winning the franchise's first title. And to their credit, the Thunder held home court for a 2-0 lead in the series as it heads to Dallas. But with the total margin of victory for the Thunder being at just four points, this is still a series that Dallas can take with the aid of one bounce somewhere.
    The statistical differences between the Thunder and Mavericks is paltry. But there has to be one that Oklahoma City has an edge in that has given two wins. Dallas has out-rebounded the Thunder 77-75, so that probably isn't the reason. OKC has two more assists, but Dallas has three more steals and one less turnover.

    But Dallas has been stronger in the paint. It has 72 points in the paint trough two games, while OKC has been stronger up and down the court with a 12 point advantage in fast break points. And Dallas' bench won the battle of the back-ups in game won, while OKC's bench took the second game.
    Such similar stats should not be expected in a series that has a total margin of victory of four points. But the direct difference between these two teams is in free throws. OKC has missed five free throws through two games, while Dallas has missed nine-four more. In last year's series, Dallas shot a higher percentage of free throws than OKC in all but one game(which actually was not the game it lost), while it has been behind the Thunder in both games this season. The loss of Tyson Chandler in the offseason has actually resulted in Dallas outrebounding OKC in both games, while it was outrebounded every game by the Thunder last season. Additionally, Dallas only held the Thunder under 90 points in one game last season, so there wasn't a lot of defense being played in the first place.

    In reality, the difference between these two teams is not on the box score which basically makes the Stat Guy angle to this article almost useless. But Dallas is short one of the best defensive centers in the league, and J.J. Barea is not there to break down the defense, penetrate, and draw flagrant fouls. ON the other side, OKC is a year older, and despite still not quite looking right on the same court, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are getting it done with Harden recording starter-like numbers off the bench. And nowhere on the bow score will it show Durant's cold-blooded shot over Shawn Marion to take steal back game one.

    Last season, Dallas Vaulted over Oklahoma City, making a statement on the way to an NBA Championship. If it's not careful, it could be the victim of the Thunder doing the same thing.