Does Texas have an interest in Penn State players?


The fallout of Monday’s NCAA ruling on the Penn State scandal is far reaching, and the subject of transferable players was discussed by Mack Brown during Big 12 Media Days.

The NCAA gave the players at Penn State the immediate right to transfer without penalty after the sanctions were laid out. Brown wouldn’t be opposed to one transferring to Texas if it was advantageous to both sides.

“I think you’d have to look at if the player contacts you, if he had legitimate interest in you and if he fit,” Brown said.

Brown also addressed the moral question of the issue, about whether it’s okay to seemingly poach a player right after these devastating rulings.

“The NCAA allowed it, [the transfers] and the NCAA said they want to give these kids a right to look around immediately,” he said. “Obviously, the timing is very difficult on the kids and for everyone else, because you’d have to get them in school and deal with their transferable hours. I don’t think it’d be unethical at all (to talk to recruits) because the NCAA allowed [it].”