NBA: Eastern Conference playoff primer


In the Heat’s statement win against the Pacers two weeks ago and in the playoff setting victory in Boston last week, it became obvious that the roll Miami has been on isn’t about any win streak. Rather, it is about rounding into playoff form. It is about getting ready for the ultimate goal, hoisting the elusive and coveted Larry O’ Brien Championship trophy in June.

The 27-point comeback win in Cleveland few days ago only confirmed this as the Heat during the fourth quarter had put on an assertivedisplay of championship-caliber swagger, confidence, and resilience. They are quite literally the embodiment of a prototypical championship offense and defense. Yes, the Heat is surging at the right time. (Quite possibly in historical fashion considering they are only seven games away from the longest winning streak in NBA history). However, Miami is not the only team on full throttle right now; there are several others. As countless NBA coaches, analysts, and gurus say, momentum could be the biggest asset in the NBA playoffs. Let’s take a quick look at which playoff and championship contenders are markedly surging or imploding at this very moment, starting with the Eastern Conference.

Eastern Conference

Miami Heat

Do I need to say anymore?

New York Knicks

With recent injuries to Carmelo Anthony and the absence of Stoudemire for about a month, the Knicks have struggled as of late. A healthy Carmelo and a rekindled defense will do the trick. Anyhow, the Knicks are definitely not surging at the moment.

Indian Pacers

Great team! They’ve been playing relatively well. But, don’t tell me that the loss to Miami will not the hurt the psyche/mentality of the Indiana Pacers and their resolve to defeat the Heat

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets only tease with a few quality wins, but never show any consistency- probably not the recipe for playoff success. On the bright side, Brook Lopez is shaping into the star he is capable of becoming.

Chicago Bulls

Yes, they’ve been playing poorly. Should Derrick Rose return? Is it even worth it anymore? The Bulls really aren’t going anywhere this year.

Boston Celtics

They’ve fared reasonably well without Rondo. Then again, come playoff time, its superstars that truly matter. The Celtics will be missing one.