NBA: Western Conference playoff primer


San Antonio Spurs

Last few games have attested to how much of the Spurs success is based on a system rather than on individual talent. Tony Parker absent? No problem for Gregg Popovich. The system continues without him. The Spurs are in good shape to make a return to the NBA Finals, especially with a healthy Tony Parker in the playoffs.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are playing well. All is good.

LA Clippers

Yes, they are winning. But, the inability to obtain quality wins has been a glaringly obvious indicator of how the Clippers might not be ready to get over the hump quite yet.

Memphis Grizzlies

Record of 8-2 over the past ten games shows the Grizzlies haven’t lost a step with the departure of Rudy Gay. The ball is finally in the hands of the twin towers ( Randolph and Gasol) as we approach the playoffs. That’s where the ball should be.

Denver Nuggets

14-game winning streak? Don’t be surprised to see the Nuggets make a splash in the playoffs. Lawson and the crew have been firing on all cylinders in the mile high city. This team, although without a superstar like the 2004 NBA champions Detroit Pistons, has the collective talent and most importantly, momentum, to get over the hump.

LA Lakers

The Lakers will make the playoffs. However, having a healthy Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, and Steve Nash playing effectively with each other is a lot to ask for. It has been all year.