Pacific's Thomason loses last game as head coach


Pacific head coach Bob Thomason announced last May that this would be his last season as coach of the Tigers, ending his 42-year coaching career.

“There’s no sentiment right now,” Thomason said. “I went through all of that last May. You just move on.”


Thomason spent the last 25 years at his alma mater Pacific and led the Tigers to five NCAA Tournament appearances and a school-record 437 wins. He also earned five Big West Conference titles and five Big West Coach of the Year honors during his tenure.

When Thomason met with the media following his team’s 78-49 loss to Miami he appeared relieved to be finally done and in between light-hearted jokes he offered some suggestions to improve the quality of college basketball.

“I think post guys really can’t score without being fouled,” Thomason said. “The restricted area under the basket is still too close and it affects the game a lot. I have no idea what the difference is between a foul and a no-call down there. Nobody can cut or move or do anything, so I think moving the line back a foot would help speed the game up a lot.”

Thomason briefly touched on his future plans now that his coaching career is over, but didn’t go into too much detail about what his days would consist of in place of coaching.

“Tomorrow I might call my buddy and go play golf,” Thomason said. “I’ve also got a box with a bunch of tapes about exercise and how to lose weight, and my wife has been asking when I’m going to open that box. So I figure she will probably have it open by the time I get home.”