The Arms of Texas: Vince Young still looking for a job, is Seattle a good fit?


The landscape has changed recently for the former Arms of Texas, Colt McCoy and Vince Young, after the Bay Bridge cities of San Francisco and Oakland decided to bring in new quarterbacks.

San Francisco reportedly acquired McCoy and a sixth-round pick in a trade with Cleveland, and Oakland (who seemed to be the lead suitor for Young) traded two draft picks to Seattle for Matt Flynn and are currently looking to deal Carson Palmer to the Arizona Cardinals.

While Vince will have to once again test his options, McCoy may just have had the best possible transaction.

Now that Matt Flynn has officially become part of the silver and black, Young must look elsewhere. Oakland made the move they felt worked best for them: investing in a young player who has shown signs of leadership and talent instead of investing in age. They made that mistake already with Carson Palmer. It’s a more conservative move, unlike those seen when Al Davis was at the helm. One can’t help but think Davis would have taken a chance on the 29-year-old Texas legend.

But that door has closed. And so have many others. Backup roles have been filled all around the league with Chase Daniels signing with the Chiefs, Matt Cassel with the Vikings, Ryan Fitzpatrick to the Titans, and Carson Palmer reportedly heading to Arizona. The Bills have signed Kevin Kolb recently and probably wouldn’t take a second chance on the same player they cut just seven months ago.

Oakland just may have opened an avenue for Vince in their acquisition of Matt Flynn. Now Seattle has only one quarterback on the roster in Russell Wilson. Although Jacksonville, Chicago, and the New York Jets could be potential landing spots, Seattle is Vince’s best shot.

Head coach Pete Carroll might still have some hard feelings over the 2005 National Championship, but he out of anyone else in the league knows what Young’s ‘A’ game looks like. Although the offensive development coaches aren’t any Jim Harbaugh’s, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell could certainly help out the veteran. Bevell knows how to work with quarterbacks looking to come back.

Bevell has been in a similar situation as offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings during Favre’s fight with the hourglass. In Bevell’s offense, Favre threw for 4,202 yards and 33 touchdowns and came one gutsy pass away from a Super Bowl. Although the difference between Favre and Young talent-wise could be discussed longer than all of Favre’s retirement speeches combined, the experience of handling a player looking to revamp his career could easily applied.

Young would step into a backup role. Wilson is the future, and from what he showed last year a pretty decent future. But it would be Young’s ticket back in. After spending the season wandering around at home, appearing at UT football games, and being the subject of countless stories regarding his financial status, Young would seemingly prefer playing back-up to Wilson than having to endure that again.

Perhaps Seattle will make the move. The draft is still a month away, but top quarterback talent will be hard to locate in the later rounds and Young is a candidate the organization would be surer of. Perhaps they won’t.

Uncertainty seems to be the theme for both Vince Young and Colt McCoy during this offseason. But McCoy is getting his shot, Young is still waiting for his but probably won’t be for long.

A shot is all you can ask for in this league. Few get more than one. Both these players have been given extra opportunities and will have to make the most of them to keep from being players with jerseys hung up in the halls of the NCAA and cast into the waste basket in the NFL.