10 reasons why you should go to Texas Motor Speedway this weekend


NASCAR Sprint Cup heads to Texas this weekend for the NRA 500 on Saturday night. To get you ready for the home state race, here are a few things you should know about Texas Motor Speedway and why it is one of the best sporting events all year in the Lonestar State.

1. The winner gets a cowboy hat and shoots guns in victory lane.

2. The infield could fit four Cowboys Stadiums. Take that, Jerry.

3.  The track sits on I-35, and is just about the most beautiful sight the highway sees. The Czech Stop in West has nothing on TMS. My recommendation is to drive by it at night.

4. Eddie Gossage is wonderfully crazy, and makes each race follow suit. The race this weekend has a circus theme. What could be more absurd? What could be more great?

5. A sparkplug cleverly named Sparky is the official mascot for TMS. Take a look at him and find your heart filled with cheerful joy – and some electric sparks.

6. TMS was the first track to show both laps left and laps complete on the scoring tower. That might not sound like the coolest thing, but just imagine trying to do the math of laps raced. Not too fun.

7. The track is bidding to host the 2014 Summer X Games. Find me another Texas stadium or arena that would do that. (Frank Erwin Center, anyone?)

8.  There is a lake outside the track that has cars in it. Again...take that, Jerry.

9.  The track will unveil bacon cotton candy this weekend. You read that right. It’s ridiculous, but very Texas.

10.  It’s just the best. You don’t need more reasons. Go. Tickets are still available.