Dwyane Wade branches out into acting scene, creates his own sitcom


Because winning championships as a member of the Miami Heat has obviously become too boring for Dwyane Wade, he has decided to attempt a new venture.

Fox recently announced that Wade has sold a sitcom to the network to be called “Three the Hard Way,” starring NBA superstar Daryl Wade, a single father raising two sons.

Wow, that sounds pretty familiar.

The man who nicknamed himself “WOW,” as in World of Wade, and forced reporters to refer to him as “three” after winning his third championship has now based an entire television show after his life.  Why are we surprised?

But just because Wade sold his show doesn’t mean it will be appearing on air anytime soon.  It’s still only in its very beginning stages, and Wade will need to work on a pilot that can impress enough TV bigwigs to get the series picked up on the network.  But it is a good start.

This isn’t Wade’s first experience on the acting scene.  He already has a pretty extensive rap sheet: He appeared in movies “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and “Just Wright,” and was also a voice actor in an episode of “The Cleveland Show.”

But he’s never had to take on a starring role onscreen.  And after often leaning on LeBron James for most of his last two title runs, will Wade be able to lead the show all by himself?  

If his skills in the new show come anywhere near his acting skills on the court while trying to get a call from the refs, there’s no doubt the show will be a hit.