Texas still searching for leaders, attitude change


Program’s struggles frustrate Bedford

Defensive coordinator Vance Bedford said Wednesday that he’s angered by the program’s struggles. His frustration comes after a 24-0 loss to Iowa State — just the second loss to the Cyclones in program history.

“The players understand the pride I have in this university because I’ve played here,” Bedford said. “That’s not where we are right now. It’s not acceptable to be where we are.”

Bedford emphasized the need to discourage the players’ entitled attitude He said the Longhorns seem overly complacent playing for a historically successful team. Instead, he said the players need to create their own success to restore the program’s winning tradition.

“Quit walking around and saying I have this uniform on and [being] content just to put the uniform on,” Bedford said. “Go put your stamp on what it means to be a Longhorn. That means every day in practice and every ball game. You’re fired up to represent all the great players and great teams and coaches that came before you. “

Coaching staff looks to facilitate leadership

Bedford said senior linebacker Peter Jinkens and senior cornerback Duke Thomas have emerged as the defense’s leaders. However, he still wants more leaders to step up to get the team back on track.

“I think everybody has a certain amount of leadership qualities in him,” Bedford said. “If you’re a freshman and have leadership qualities, let’s go.”

Several freshmen already see snaps on defense. Particularly, freshman linebacker Malik Jefferson and freshman cornerback Holton Hill are already solidifying themselves as defensive staples.

But Bedford thinks the freshmen can do more to lead the team in the right direction. He said the coaches are encouraging younger players to make an impact both on and off of the field.

“This staff doesn’t believe in waiting your turn,” Bedford said. “If you have leadership qualities in a freshman we want to enhance what you have to bring it out — not squash it.”