Vince Young being sued for alleged assault


Former Texas quarterback Vince Young is being sued by a woman for allegedly assaulting and pulling her hair during a car ride back from a 2014 NCAA Tournament game, according to TMZ Sports.

The woman, Tiffany Cayo, described Young as “extremely intoxicated” and claims the incident cost her medical expenses and lost wages. She is seeking $250,000 in damages.

Young’s attorney said the former quarterback will file a lawsuit for defamation in response and that “Ms. Cayo’s claims will be roundly disproved and Mr. Young will be vindicated in all respects.”

“Mr. Young’s counsel presented the results of the investigation to Ms. Cayo’s counsel in early 2015,” the attorney said in a statement to Horns Digest. “Now, two years after this alleged incident and over a year after being informed that there was clear and unequivocal witness testimony contradicting Ms. Cayo’s allegations, Ms. Cayo and her counsel have brought this frivolous lawsuit in a clear attempt to extract money from Mr. Young.”