Texas stumbles at Notre Dame Invitational


Despite cloudy skies and high humidity, Burke Golf Course in South Bend, Indiana, was packed with teams and spectators for the Notre Dame Invitational on Friday. 

The Longhorns, who faced off against ranked competition for the first time this season, struggled to maintain the momentum from their first two meets. Both the men and women concluded the day outside of the top 10. 

The women, competing without key senior Sandie Raines, finished in 16th place. The men’s team also came up short, placing 13th in what was a difficult race from the start.

“We wanted to beat our opponent, but we were flat,” assistant coach Brad Herbster said. “We got out poorly and never were where we wanted to be. We have to do a better job of passing. People were passing us and I know we are a much better team than that.”

Sophomore Alex Rogers led the way for the men, finishing 19th with a time of 24:07.2 in the individual five mile run. 

“Alex was seconds off of making top-10,” Herbster said. “Seconds can be the difference between reaching a goal and not in a race like this.”

Senior Mary Beth Hamilton was the first Longhorn to cross the finish line amongst the women, placing 75th with a time of 17:25.1 in the 5,000-meter run. 

“I think it’ll be better competition,” Herbster said. “It’s all about the little things. We need to perform like we do every day in practice. It’s important to improve on a daily basis, stay healthy, implement the new people and show them how to race.”

The men and women look to bounce back as they prepare for the Penn State National Open on 14. Oct.