Longhorns valued at nearly $700,000


The average football player at Texas is worth roughly $670,000 to the University per year according to Business Insider. 

The publication calculated the athlete’s “Fair Market Value” using data from the Department of Education, which stated that Texas rakes in $121.4 million in football revenue per year. Then, it used the NFL’s revenue sharing model to determine the monetary value of each player. NFL players receive a collective 47 percent of all revenue made by the league. 

Texas’ athletes are over $100,000 more valuable than players at the next most profitable school, the University of Alabama. There, players are worth just over $530,000. The burnt orange’s greatest competition in the Big 12 comes from Oklahoma, where players are worth an average of just over $435,000. No other school in the conference falls in the top 20 of revenue generation.

Revenues at Texas far outpace that of any other athletic program in the nation. The average division-one college football program makes just over $29 million in revenue each year for its respective school, falling $92 million behind Texas.