A piece of work


Former Texan staffers are working their chosen field all over the place.
Former Texan staffers are working their chosen field all over the place.

OK, so you read the story about the latest round of layoffs at Gannett and it makes you wonder why you would ever want to pursue a career in journalism. The economy keeps stumbling along, no one has figured out how to  make a lot money with news websites and the forecast remains cloudy, at best.

But I'm here today to tell you about former staffers at The Daily Texan who have found work in their chosen field. Not all are in dream jobs and some are in less-than-desireable destinations, but the point is they are working. And that's a possibility for those of you still toiling in the basement.

This post was sparked by the news that former senior reporter Collin Eaton has landed an internship at the Chronicle of Higher Education. Collin is already working at the Dallas Morning News on an internship this summer.

Ana McKenzie is working in Charlotte, N.C., at Business North Carolina magazine. Sean Beherec is working at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, while Aziza Musa is interning there. Bobby Cervantes is covering courts for the Amarillo Globe-News.  

Olivia Hinton is designing pages in Beaumont, Andrew Krieghbaum is reporting in Laredo, Pierre Bertrand is interning in San Antonio and Ben Wermund landed in Marfa with the Big Bend Sentinel.

The list goes on and on. I'm not trying to be all-inclusive, and I apologize to those who I have failed to mention. My point is that there are jobs out there for those who really want them and are willing to do the hard work they require. Gary Borders, our new TSM director, Jennifer Rubin and I are committed to helping Texan staffers find work and will do whatever we can to make that happen. Please feel free to contact us.