Historic Occasions


Here's your paper.
Here's your paper.

            This is why we have a newspaper.

            In the past month, The Daily Texan has driven the campus conversation with an important story on sexual assault, plus enterprising coverage of campus life, the Longhorns and the cultural scene. A beautiful photo essay appeared in print and online. An engaging video on contraceptive use, to cite just one digital-only offering, provided a useful accompaniment to our now-famous sex columns.

            And this week, faced with two of the enduring controversies that make college life so interesting, the student journalists here flooded the zone. Recovering from a slow start on the story of a campus group’s plans for a “catch an illegal immigrant game,” The Texan weighed in with solid coverage by new beat reporter Anthony Green, a fearless rejoinder on the opinion page and a timely column for Throwback Thursday. Before those flames were out, alert video editor Alec Wyman, walking through West Campus late in the evening, spotted an interesting mural in the works for a fraternity party. The Texan’s straightforward coverage produced inquiries by the university and national chapter leaders.

            But today, after a week of hard work by the entire staff, searching for a way to make vividly compelling sense of a solemn day in history for an audience nearly two generations removed, The Texan produced something truly special. I won’t try to describe it. If you’re in Austin, pick up a copy. If not, to quote a long-ago Daily Texan ad slogan, here’s your paper.