No-refusal weekend results in 37 arrests


The Austin Police Department cited 37 people for driving while intoxicated this Saturday and Sunday during the no-refusal weekend. Of those DWIs, 16 were obtained with a blood search warrant written by an on-call judge.

Last weekend’s no-refusal initiative coincided Austin’s Republic of Texas Biker Rally. Preliminary estimates put attendance at 40,000 bikers to the Austin area.

APD’s Cmdr. Jason Dusterhoft of the Highway Enforcement Unit said the attention to the event came as a result of last year’s traffic fatalities.

“We looked back at the numbers of the last year’s ROT rally,” Dusterhoft said. “We had three fatalities that were all alcohol-related in three days. That obviously concerns us and we want to do anything we can to stop that.”

Despite the efforts, there were three motorcycle-related fatalities over the course of this year’s ROT rally weekend.

One motorcyclist died in Hays County when he rear-ended a truck Friday morning, but it’s unknown if the cyclist was intoxicated or not.

A Friday morning collision in East Austin left a motorcycle driver in critical condition after he collided with another vehicle. He was transported to University Medical Center at Brackenridge and died the next day. Police believe alcohol may have been a contributing factor.

Another motorcyclist died in a crash Saturday morning in East Austin with an intoxicated SUV driver, according to police sources.