Higher education coalition voices opposition to affordability center's analysis


The Texas Coalition of Excellence for Higher Education opposes what it calls a "flawed" analysis by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity that undermines the efforts of administrators and professors at UT, according to a press release this morning.

The press release outlines yet another attack on the administrators and especially the UT President William Powers Jr. The members of the coalition believe that the report attacks people like Powers who teach in addition to their administrative duties.

Last month, UT System released salaries of the professors and class enrollment sizes. A cautionary statement warned the readers that data is premature and cannot yield accurate analysis.

Texas Public Policy Foundation said in a recent interview with the Daily Texan that less productive professors and excessive academic research should also be eliminated. Richard Vedder, who authored the CCAP report, based his analysis on the data and concluded that increasing class enrollment can halve tuition. The coalition said his analysis also condemns administrators who also teach for being unproductive.

"In addition to President Powers, two vice provosts and 11 university deans, including the deans of the colleges of Architecture, Nursing, Communication, Pharmacy, Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences, among others, as well as many associate deans, department chairs and directors fall in the bottom quintile of the study, when sorted for the simplistic measure of productivity," according to the press release.

The Coalition formed this month seeks to oppose some of the proposals supported by Gov. Rick Perry, the TPPF and Vedder.