O'Donnell Releases New Faculty Analysis


Rick O'Donnell, former special advisor to the UT System Board of Regents, released an analysis report that divides the University's professors into categories of teaching loads versus the research revenue they bring.

O'Donnell, who reached a $70,000 settlement in exchange for agreeing to not sue the System last month, wrote in the report that most of the professors at the University fall under "dodgers" and "coasters", who have low teaching loads and generate little research revenue.

"Dodgers are the least productive faculty who bring in no external research funding, teach few students," according to the report.

There are 1,748 "dodgers" at the University from which 58 percent are tenure track and teach 71 students per year and bring no external funding, according to the report. Total number of professors at the University is a little more than 3000, according to the report. 

"To put this in perspective, if UT has no "Dodgers", teaching loads for the next lowest productive faculty (Coasters) would need to increase by an average of 97 students a year, giving the university annual savings of $573 million," according to the report.

Texas Coalition for Higher Education responded Wednesday and said the report by O'Donnell does not reflect anything new. O'Donnell's point about firing faculty members to save money has been rejected by the members of the Coalition in the past, according to a press release.

"The data that the Boards of Regents of The University of Texas and Texas A&M Systems have made public is now being misused to diminish the national stature of our state’s premiere public institutions," according to the press release. "Texas A&M and UT Austin are premiere national universities generating millions in economic impact and educating the doctors, teachers, engineers and scholars who will lead our state in the future. Every $1 invested into Texas A&M or UT Austin returns $18 to the Texas economy."


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