• Lund and Brown win SG election

    The student body elected mechanical engineering senior Thor Lund and psychology senior Wills Brown as the 2012 Student Government president and vice president.


    Lund and Brown defeated candidate John Lawler, urban studies senior, and running mate Terrence Maas, computer science sophomore, by 459 votes, with 4683 students voting in total. Voter turnout for SG president and vice president decreased nearly 59 percent compared to 2011, which had a turnout of 7883 in the run-off election between SG President Natalie Butler and former candidate Abel Mulugheta. 


    Lund said he is going to enjoy tonight but is ready to start working tomorrow. 


    “I would like to let [students] know we’re bringing in a fresh perspective,” Lund said. “One thing we’re doing is making sure SG is for the students. Anyone who wants to get involved, get involved. Me and Wills have no bias.”

  • Court upholds Gardner and Guevara disqualification


    The Student Government Judicial Court upheld the disqualification of former SG presidential candidates Madison Gardner and Antonio Guevara and denied their appeal of the Election Supervisory Board’s disqualification today.


    Gardner and Guevara petitioned the court for a rehearing of the complaints that disqualified them last week, claiming the Board had committed procedural error and subsequently violated their Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution. The court stated they agreed with the Board’s judgment to disqualify the candidates because they failed to file accurate financial disclosure statements.


    At the hearing, Alden Harris, Judicial Court chief justice, said while the court should look to the U.S. Constitution for guidance, the document applies specifically to Congress and state actors.


    Gardner stated the decision disqualifying him and Guevara violated procedure for several reasons. Regarding their disregard of an earlier fine issued by the Board, he stated the Board failed to give him and Guevara 24-hour notice of a complaint filed against them and build a council for their defense. He also said the complaint was filed by Board chair Eric Nimmer, who is prohibited from making complaints under the Election Code.


    The court affirmed Nimmer did not file a complaint against Gardner and Guevara, although he did address concerns not filed in the original complaint filed by SG law school representative Austin Carlson.


    Gardner also stated Sunday this was a violation of his Sixth Amendment right under the U.S. Constitution, which grants him the right to be informed of any complaint against him to build a council for his defense.


    Aakash Kumar represented Gardner at the hearing and said the court should judge their decision by a document that governs the United States, not by the judgment of the Election Supervisory Board.


    "The ESB is not a court of law," the court said in a statement issued today. "And though certain procedural safeguards do exist to protect the candidates from prejudice or insufficient process, the code is designed to permit the ESB enough procedural leeway to hear and decide complaints in a timely and efficient manner."


    John Lawler and Thor Lund are the only presidential candidates that remain. Elections will be held March 28 and 29.

  • Stabbing at 25th and Leon leaves one wounded

    Parts of 25th street were blocked off after a non-fatal stabbing last night. (Photo courtesy of Aaron Porter)
    Parts of 25th street were blocked off after a non-fatal stabbing last night. (Photo courtesy of Aaron Porter)

    An individual was stabbed around midnight at 25th and Leon Streets outside of a fraternity house, Austin Police confirmed.

    APD spokesman Anthony Hipolito could not confirm which fraternity house it was, although Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron and Sigma Alpha Mu are all in the vicinity

    The victim was transferred to Brackenridge hospital last night, although Police could not give information on the identity of the victim or suspect. Police said the stab wounds were likely not life-threatening and as of this morning Hipolito confirmed that the victim is still likely to recover.

    Hipolito said the suspect was not apprehended last night and is still at large. He said APD is working with some leads and several witnesses are being interviewed, although he did not know if a composite would be released.

    Hipolito said this will not change the way APD officers plan to operate during Roundup events tonight. He said APD officials do not plan to allocate more resources to the West Campus area this evening in light of the stabbing.