• Longhorn Network now on AT&T U-Verse


    After many reported sightings of the elusive Longhorn Network Friday, ESPN has finally confirmed AT&T U-Verse customers will be receive the channel in time for this weekend’s game. 


    ESPN released a statement Friday morning annoucing the deal, which will be available on channe 609 and 1609 HD. A BurntOrange.com post earlier this week reported that the AT&T U-Verse had picked up LHN in time for Saturday’s game against the University of Wyoming. Reports AT&T U-Verse launched LHN overnight have surfaced this morning. UT President William Powers Jr. confirmed the deal on Facebook and said U-Verse customers will have to reboot the box to watch the network.


    Many AT&T U-Verse customers sent screenshots of channel 1609 to The Daily Texan on Twitter, which is currently airing the sports analysis show “Longhorn Extra,” although some customers have reported not getting the channel. 


    Central Texas cable provider Grande Communications, which covers about 25 percent of Austin, is currently the one of the only providers that offers the network in the city. The channel is also offered nationwide by Verizon FiOS. AT&T boasted almost 6 million customers in a January statement. 


    Additional reporting by Joshua Fetcher. 

  • Federal court strikes down Voter ID law

    According to the Associated Press, a federal court has ruled against Texas’s voter I.D. law today. The law would have required voters to show a government-issued photo I.D. before casting their ballots in the November 6 election.

    The decision comes after striking down the state’s redrawn districting maps earlier this week. Opponents of both the voter I.D. law and the redistricting maps have argued the laws violate the Voting Rights Act by imposing barriers on minorities from voting.

    “It’s great news for students,” said University Democrats President Leslie Tisdale. “It’s our job to back this decision by the courts because it really shows them that students are right here, we’re ready to vote and we want the opportunity to vote. This has helped us incredibly.”

  • Pedestrian struck by car near UT campus, suffers no serious injuries

     A car struck a pedestrian at 7:42 a.m. near the UT Campus, according an APD spokesperson.

    The spokesperson said the incident happened at Rio Grande Street and West 24 Street while the pedestrian, a 19-year old  female, was crossing the street. She was conscious, breathing and speaking to emergency responders.

    The APD spokesperson said the pedestrian did not suffer any serious injuries.  The APD spokesperson could not confirm if she was a UT student.

  • Board of Regents remove Longhorn Network update from agenda


    The UT System Board of Regents chose not to hear a status update from University officials on ESPN’s Longhorn Network, a UT-centric channel that has largely evaded UT fans during its first year in operation because of a lack of distribution.


    UT President William Powers Jr. said the regents took the update off Thursday’s agenda because they understood it was not helpful to talk about ongoing negotiations. Powers and UT Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds were scheduled to update the board before noon for approximately five minutes. Powers said he will update the board, but not in public.


    “We want the widest distribution for fans,” Powers said. “We have a great partner in ESPN and this is job one for them.”