At Texas TribFest, Perry endorses four-year tuition freeze


Texas Governor Rick Perry endorsed a four-year freeze on tuition across Texas universities at The Texas Tribune Festival’s opening session Friday night.

Perry said he felt the freeze would be popular.

“I think there is going to be a very positive response to the idea of freezing tuition for four years,” Perry said.

Perry said this freeze would function to guarantee students that their tuition would stay the same during their four years at the University. However, Perry said if students did not graduate in four years, they could expect to see their tuition rate increase during their fifth year.

UT’s four-year graduation rates are 52.2 percent, which is about a 1.3 percent increase from previously. But not all undergraduate degrees at UT can be obtained in four years. For example, a bachelor’s degree in architecture is a five-year program.

The University’s five-year graduation rates have recently increased by about .8 percent to 75 percent. The University’s six-year graduation rates dropped to 78.7 percent from 80.8 percent.

Perry did not say anything regarding UT students in five-year programs at the opening session.