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    All sides of The Daily Texan staff have been working very diligently to cover this years presidential election.

    It takes a group effort to cover such an enormous topic well and means keeping up with multiple avenues of information including the media, the political events, political experts, candidates and others involved in politics, social media, and all other relevant sources we can find.

    Because the University of Texas community is our main audience, we take the mass amounts of relevant information available and localize it to focus on the issues that most effect our audience while addressing the bigger picture as well. This makes The Daily Texan a unique source for presidential election coverage, as it provides a specific, localized look at the issues that you can’t find elsewhere. 

  • Connection made between those arrested for Texas State and Texas A&M University email bomb threats

    A connection has been made between the man charged with making a false email bomb threat against Texas A&M University on Oct. 19 and the woman charged with making three false email bomb threats against Texas State University on Oct. 18 and 19.

    The Texas A&M University Police Department has arrested Dereon Tayronne Kelly, 22, of Bryan in connection with a bomb threat that was emailed to Texas A&M’s Computing Information Services Department on Oct. 19, forcing the evacuation of the entire university. Allan Baron, Texas A&M police spokesperson, said Kelly is an acquaintance of Brittany Nicole Henderson, 19, who was arrested Oct. 23 by Bryan police for making one email bomb threat against Texas State on Oct. 18, that forced the evacuation of three campus buildings, and two email bomb threats the next day.

    Texas A&M and Texas State police said no bombs were found in either case. The targeted area of Texas State, its admissions building, was searched on Oct. 18 and the entire Texas A&M campus was searched on Oct. 19. No bombs were found in either case.

    UT received a false phone-in bomb threat that prompted the evacuation of our entire campus on Sept. 14.

    Bob Harkins, associate vice president of Campus Safety and Security, said UT officials do not believe the threat is related to the bomb threats made against Texas A&M and Texas State.

    According to a press release issued by Texas A&M police Monday, investigators with the Texas A&M Police Department, the FBI and several other law enforcement agencies were able to link Kelly to the threat through his cellular telephone, and Henderson remains a person of interest in that case.

    Daniel Benitez, captain of operations for the Texas State University Police Department, said Henderson’s arrest came after Texas State police were able to link the threat to her email account.

    Kelly was arrested at the Brazos County jail where he was being held for unrelated charges. He has been charged with making a terroristic threat, a third degree felony, punishable by up to 10 years in state prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Henderson was charged with three charges of making a terroristic threat, a third degree felony, and three charges of making a false alarm, a misdemeanor.

    Kelly and Henderson remain in the Brazos County Jail. Henderson is being held on $150,000 bond and Henderson on $300,000 bond.

  • Zaffirini supports Prop 1

    State Sen. Judith Zaffirini, former chair of the Senate Higher Education Committee, expressed support Tuesday for a ballot initiative that would increase property taxes in order to help fund a proposed UT medical school and teaching hospital.

    Zaffirini, a UT alum whose district encompasses a portion of Travis County, said although she will not be voting in Travis County, she hopes her constituents will vote in favor of the ballot initiative. She said the proposed medical school would aid the University's mission of providing comprehensive education and serving Texas citizens.

    Proposition 1 would increase property taxes collected by Central Health, Travis County’s hospital district, from 7.89 cents to 12.9 cents per $100 of assessed property value. The increase would contribute $35 million toward operations at the teaching hospital and purchase medical services there.

    "This is an opportunity to enhance education at UT in a new arena," Zaffirini said.

    She said she hopes those who oppose Proposition 1 will consider how establishing a UT medical school will improve medical services in Travis County.

  • UTPD investigating TAMU graffiti on campus

    Vandals defaced prominent UT landmarks and many spaces on campus with Texas A&M-related graffiti this weekend. UT officials say they do not know who committed the crime but an investigation is ongoing. Photo Credit: Fanny Trang | Daily Texan Staff
    Vandals defaced prominent UT landmarks and many spaces on campus with Texas A&M-related graffiti this weekend. UT officials say they do not know who committed the crime but an investigation is ongoing. Photo Credit: Fanny Trang | Daily Texan Staff

    To see more photos of the graffiti, view Daily Texan photo blog: Aggie-themed graffiti litters campus.

    Even though UT and Texas A&M University are not meeting on the football field anytime soon, vandals sought to fan the flames of rivalry by defacing prominent UT landmarks with A&M graffiti tags this weekend.

    UT spokesperson Cindy Posey said the areas around the UT tower, the Peter T. Flawn Academic Center, and the East and West Mall were some of the areas tagged. Although University officials don’t know exactly when it happened or who is responsible, they guess that it was between Friday night and Saturday morning. Posey said an investigation by the University of Texas Police Department is underway. Officials started cleaning the affected areas Saturday and expect the cleanup to be finished soon.

    UT building attendant Christopher Goudreau said it will be a big job to clean up the graffiti because most of it was done with spray paint on concrete, but he thinks it is possible and there will be no need to replace any thing that was vandalized.

    Prominent UT landmarks defaced include the wall perimeter of the UT tower, the windows of the of the Peter T. Flawn Academic Center, the statues of Jefferson Davis and Woodrow Wilson in front of the tower and the 1987 “The West” sculpture by Donald Lipski that is East of the tower.

    The graffiti was done in red and includes the phrases “ATM,” “MUNGLOAF,” “Howdy,” “GIG ‘EM,” “FARMERS FIGHT,” “Whoop!,” “OLD ARMY Fight!,” “SEC!,” “GO AGGIES,” “CORPS,” and “MISS US YET?.”

    Posey said she did not know what the consequences for the vandals involved would be.

    Similar vandalism attacks have occurred at UT in the past. In Oct. 2011, vandals spray painted a bridge near the Winshop Drama Building and other campus monuments with sayings that include, "GiG em Aggies."  

    The Texas A&M football team joined the Southeastern Conference this fall, and they are not set to play UT this season for the first time since 1914. A rivalry between the two schools has existed since 1894, when they first began playing each other.

    Undeclared sophomore Emily Smith said she thought the graffiti was probably done to keep the rivalry between the two universities going, but she it wasn’t a good attempt at accomplishing that goal.

    “They could have done a better job, a more impressive job,” she said. “It kind of looks like chicken scratch.”

    Smith said although UT was defaced, she hopes members of the UT community will not retaliate against Texas A&M.

    “I think we should keep the moral high ground,” she said. 


  • Powers voted chair in the Association of American Universities

    UT president William Powers Jr. was elected vice chair of the Association of American Universities, a nonprofit association of 59 research universities, during their semiannual meeting this week.

    The association's duties include oversight and policy direction for AAU universities. They also provide funding for research and education policy.

    Powers will serve a three-year term as vice-chair and will serve on the AAU's executive committee.