Drought serves as a catalyst for UT scientists' water conservation research


UT scientists are researching ways to better prepare the state of Texas for water shortages in the future after the severity of last year’s drought.

Key lessons were presented by the scientists to help community members take on the drought issue. According to a Know article on UT’s website, Scientists from the Bureau of Economic Geology said Texans need to be aware of the drought and conserve water by broadening water sources. The university’s Environmental Science Institute said people need to prepare for droughts that might be worse in the future.

The power plants in Texas rely on water for cooling and require a steady stream of water. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 43 percent of all water withdrawals are used to cool power plants. A lesson to improve the models for forecasting rainfall and temperature as well as the water level was also included by the scientists.

Although the research done by the scientists targets Texans, it applies to 63 percent of the country that experienced a drought last year.