UHS offers free STI testing for students


UT students can get free STI testing today in the Student Services Building.

Until 4:00 today, the University Health Center will be testing as many students as it can in the Glenn Maloney Room in the Student Services Building. Matt Haviland, the president of Texas Public Health, said last time the UHS had free STI testing, it was able to test 250 students. Haviland said he is hoping they can test as many today.

“Its really important help wise for sexually active adults to get tested once a year,” Haviland said. “It’s not invasive, it just takes a couple of minutes, and it is not going to get you sick. There is really no downside.”

Haviland said that it is beneficial for those who have sexually transmitted infections to get treated early on. Students will be tested today for gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis and HIV.

Haviland said this would be the last day this fall students could get free STI testing on campus. Usually, there is a small charge.