University Health Services extends flu shot campaign, offers final opportunity on Wednesday


University Health Services decided to extend its annual flu shot campaign with a final clinic scheduled for Wednesday Oct. 24 from noon until 4 p.m.

Sherry Bell, consumer education and outreach coordinator for UHS, said by the end of today’s clinic, around 8,200 vaccines, leaving some vaccines from the original 10,000 ordered unadministered.

“This year’s campaign has been somewhat slower than last year’s campaign,” Bell said. “This could be due to the mild flu season last year, the fact that the vaccine is available earlier than in the past and people might not think ‘flu’ while it is still warm or other factors.”

Bell said that despite this year’s slower campaign, UHS still considers its work successful.

“A flu shot campaign is always successful when you can immunize over 8,000 people on campus against the flu,” Bell said. “That’s 8,000 fewer folks who could miss class or work because of the illness.”

U.S. Centers for Disease Control encourages individuals to get flu shots as early as September, and predicts that flu season can begin as early as October in Texas. UHS, however, has not had any reported cases of the flu in the general medicine wing.

Once the campaign ends, UHS will only offer flu shots to patients with existing appointments or those seen in Urgent Care. Appointments for the vaccine only will not be made.