Sandra Ogenche, Justin Shank told to stop SG campaign


Student Government executive alliance candidates Sandra Ogenche and Justin Shank have been asked by the Dean of Students to stop campaigning because of eligibility issues, members of the Election Supervisory Board told The Daily Texan on Monday night.

Ogenche is a government and pre-entry public health junior and Shank is a biology senior.

Ogenche said she expects the issue will be resolved by Tuesday afternoon.

“We have stopped our campaigning until we have word from the Dean of Natural Sciences that this situation has been rectified, until he give us the go ahead to campaign,” Ogenche said. “As an international student there are certain rules that I have to follow. Obviously, if I don’t follow them there are problems. It will be resolved as soon as possible.”

Ogenche said the alliance has not broken any rules and has not been disqualified.