ACC, UT to partner in new co-enrollment program


The University is scheduled to announce a  policy with Austin Community College and UT on Monday that will give students automatic admission into UT after completing minimum requirements at ACC. The program know as the Path to Admission through Co-Enrollment will take effect Fall 2013.

In a panel on financial aid solutions Thursday, David Laude, a chemistry professor and Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment and Graduation Management, said the new policy will be an opportunity for students who did not make the strict automatic admissions cut off for UT to take core classes at ACC in an effort to cut tuition costs and increase four year graduation rates.

Following completion of the necessary courses and meeting the minimum GPA required at the ACC Rio Grande campus, students will be guaranteed admission into UT, Laude said.

He said students may take a signature course on the UT campus while taking core classes at ACC to save money on tuition.

“The education needs to have similar syllabi and level of difficulty,” Laude said. “This will save students several thousands of dollars in their first and second year.”