Regent Stillwell says fellow regents "beating a dead horse" in investigation of Law School Foundation


In what appears to be the next development in the ongoing conflicts surrounding the UT System Board of Regents, the Texas Legislature and President William Powers Jr., individual regents have begun speaking with increased candor about the Board’s decision to seek an external review of the already-investigated UT Law School Foundation.

UT Regent Bobby Stillwell told the Texas Tribune his colleague Alex Cranberg was “splitting hairs” in defending the external review, while Cranberg made references to a potential “cover up” on the part of outgoing System general counsel Barry Burgdorf.

According to the Tribune, Stillwell said the Board should move on from its investigation of the relationship between the UT School of Law and the Law School Foundation.

“There’s no useful purpose to be served by continuing to beat this dead horse,” Stillwell said.

Stillwell also appeared to criticize his colleague’s insistence that an insufficient number of reviews have been conducted. In March, 18 state senators signed a letter to the Board saying that the Board-approved review would be “the fourth review of this matter,” which Cranburg said reflected a misunderstanding of how many reviews have actually been conducted.

“I think whether we’re in round four of one investigation or on the fourth investigation is just semantics,” Stillwell told the Tribune. “The fact is, it’s been going on for the better part of a year.”

In an email to the Tribune on Wednesday, Cranberg maintained that the initial investigation, conducted by Burgdorf, did not adequately address the regents’ concerns about the UT Law School Foundation.

“[The investigation] was so inadequate that I have heard complaints of it being a cover up,” Cranberg wrote in an email to the Tribune.

Burgdorf announced his resignation in March.