• Journalism junior Jennifer Berke's dad ran the Boston Marathon this morning:

    “Thank goodness [my dad is] fine. He finished the race two or three hours before the bombs went off. He said a lot of things happening tonight were cancelled in the city. He was supposed to fly back to Texas tomorrow, and we’re just trying to figure out if he’s going to be able to. I was scared out of my mind and I’m glad my dad is ok.“

  • According to UTPD dispatch, the University remains on heightened alert following last week's bomb threat.

    At this time, UTPD has no reason to believe the situation in Boston is in any way related to the bomb threat. They are "keeping abreast" of the situation and will continue to monitor any developments. 

    On Wednesday last week, the University announced a non-specific bomb threat would result in an increased police presence on campus. The FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Department of Public Safety and the Austin Police Department were brought to campus to investigate the bomb threat. Then, on Friday, UTPD said in a campus wide email they feel “comfortable ... returning to normal operations at this time.”

    Any suspicious activity should be reported to UTPD at 512-471-4441.  

  • Steven Moore, project manager in the department of chemistry and biochemistry, had finished the race and was about five blocks away when he heard the explosion:

    "I had finished the race about 1:15 or so before the explosions. My wife and I had some food and drinks and stepped out onto the street a few minutes after it happened. About 5 blocks away. Mayhem. It took us a few minutes to understand what was going on. We had already planned on walking back to our hotel and got within a few blocks of the bombings on our way. Many sullen faces and expressions of shock and anger in the crowds. Such a fun day of joyous unison until an evil coward shows their insanity."

    Moore finished the race in 2:49:24.

  • Spencer Buxton, a mechanical engineering junior and member of the Texas Running Club, had already finished the race and was in his hotel room when he heard about the explosion.

    “For me it all happened once I was done, I was already in my hotel room. My mom and aunt had gotten through four minutes before everything started happening, so they were trying to get their bags and said they turned around and saw a lot of people running and smoke everywhere. I didn’t even know anything was going down before they got to the hotel room and told me about it.”

    Buxton finished with a time of 2:50:17. 

  • Austin resident Scott Case, 25, says he had finished running the Boston Marathon and was back at his friend's apartment by the time two explosives were detonated near the finish line.

    "I was back at my friend's apartment and saw on TV that the bombs had gone off," Case said by cell phone Monday afternoon from Logan International Airport. "The apartment is about a mile away from the finish line, so we went up to the rooftop. We saw four helicopters in the air, could see the scene."

    Case, who finished the marathon in 3:08:02 called his family to let them know he was safe immediately. 

    "I've been on the phone all day — it's incredible how many phone calls I've gotten," Case said. "The race seems so trivial right now."