West works to rebuild, recover


WEST - The weather and mood of West is grim on Thursday, but residents say the town will come together.

Following last night's explosion of the fertilizer plant, many business owners are making repairs and boarding broken windows. Rain is off-and-on and the temperature is in the 50s with a steady breeze. But multiple residents describe the town as "close knit" and believe in recovery.

Still, many residents are reacting to what they call last night's tragic experience. 

Lori Nors, who owns Nors Sausage and Burger House with her husband, said her grandson and son-in-law had their ceiling collapse on them following the explosion. 

"They only got scratches and cuts, thanks God," Nors said. 

Nors said her business only lost a few windows and ceiling tiles to the explosion. Nors Sausage and Burger House won't be open today.

"It's too chaotic ... too heartbreaking," Nors said.

When requested for an interview, the local Cernosek Insurance had to decline.

"We're not being rude, we're just being real," a worker in the shop said politely.

But Nors is confident in the town's ability to come together.

"We'll bond together," Nors said. "We're all intertwined. We're one big family."