Obama leaves Austin, minor delays at Austin-Bergstrom airport


Rainy weather did not take away from President Obama's visit to Austin, but the presidential limo will probably need a car wash.

The vehicles comprising the presidential motorcade were streaked with gravel and dirt as they entered the southern terminal of the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for the president's departure at approximately 6 p.m., rounding out the president's first stop in his series of Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tours.

According to Jason Zielinski, public information specialist for the Austin-Bergstrom airport, security measures for the president's arrival and departure were conducted according to standard Federal Aviation Administration protocol.

Prior to the president's arrival and departure, all activity on runways is temporarily halted in what is called a "ground freeze," Zeilinski said.

“Everything stops until he's in the air,” Zielinski said. “There's not movement at all. That means no flights are coming in or departing. It's standard FAA protocol for the president wherever he goes.”

Zielinksi said flight delays are minimal during a ground freeze.

“Airlines are aware of the ground freeze ahead of time, so they plan accordingly,” Zielinski said. “As far as passengers who may have been inconvenienced in any way, it was a very minor delay – no cancellations or anything like that.”